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Growing up I had three fashion icons: both of my maternal and paternal grandmothers, and Earth Kitt. Classic, glamorous, and chic with a touch of leopard print. My first job ever was in retail. The Gap. I still obsess over a high rise slim fit ankle twill pant to this very day. 


After high school, I moved to New Orleans to study Communications, with an emphasis on Advertising and Public Relations, at Loyola University. New Orleans is the city for creatives and artists. When I wasn't in class I was a girl about town, collaborating with my friends to produce fashion shows and events that promoted local fashion designers and boutiques.     


After graduating, I turned down two job offers (much to the dismay of my parents) but knew I wanted to move out west and start my fashion career in Hollywood. I spent my first few years Los Angeles working in a fashion PR office before realizing I was better suited for the energy and creativity of "set life". 


Over the years I've worked in a freelance capacity with stylists and creative directors, helping to bring the creative vision of fashion and beauty brands to life. I've always been a hands-on, team player, and take pride in my work. Storytelling through excellent visuals is always my ultimate goal. Cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and creative set in which to accomplish that has always my mission. In early 2019, I co-founded A Creative Studio In LA as a way to further that storytelling work with brands. 


In late Fall my last surviving grandmother died. I knew then it was time to execute my own creative vision. In Feb 2020, Mae Jones was born. Mae Jones, a combination of my Grandmother's names, is a magazine and media platform that believes in the beauty of Black representation within the luxurious world of fashion and beauty. Mae Jones is dedicated to my Grandmothers' and to all of the glamorous Black women who paved the way.   

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