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After graduating college from Loyola University in New Orleans, Kristen moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion and entertainment. In her early days in the industry, Kristen worked on the styling teams of some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities, helping them to execute their creative visions. In 2010, while still styling, Kristen started her own digital platform and over the years has amassed over 7.5 million views on YouTube, an email list of over 10k and has appeared regularly on TV (including The Today Show) showing audiences how to be more creative in their everyday lives.


Through Kristen's work on her own digital platform, she has connected and collaborated with many brands helping them understand visually what it takes for them to show up and find success in the digital space. In 2018, Kristen opened her own creative studio and works frequently with brands to produce shoots for advertising, social media and other marketing initiatives. She and her team can take care of everything from creative direction to execution.

Recently Kristen spoke with The Daily Front Row to talk about influencer + social marketing and how it relates to brands in the fashion industry. Click HERE to read.



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