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5 Unique Gift Ideas and Experiences To Give This Holiday

It's gift-giving season! I love this time of year. Giving gifts is one of my love languages, but what about that hard-to-shop-for person on your list? There's always one! You know who I'm talking about. She's fabulous, already has the latest and greatest of everything, and is constantly "treating herself" with gifts year-round. Your gift for her has to be creative! Here are a few unique gift ideas and experiences you can give her this Holiday season.

1. A Museum Membership

A museum membership is at the top of my wishlist. (Specifically to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures if anyone's listening. Hint, hint!) When I need a little motivation or inspiration, I love to visit one of the many museums we have here in Los Angeles. There's a museum for almost every interest from arts to science. Whether big or small, most cities have one, and an annual membership would make a great gift. Throughout the year, museums usually host other events or other perks specifically for their members. It's a great way to get involved in a community with people of like interests. If a museum isn't an option, what about a membership to the local botanical gardens or perhaps a National Parks annual pass for those on your list love a little outdoor adventure and have the wardrobe to support it!

2. Maurice Harris' Floral Design Sessions via MasterClass

You know I love my weekly trips to the flower mart and consider myself an amateur florist. Well, Maurice Harris, the fabulously creative owner of Bloom + Plume, is hosting flower arranging sessions via MasterClass and sharing all his pro secrets! One of the benefits of our newly hyper-digital lives has been the growth of online courses. I bought myself a MasterClass pass last year, and I'm thrilled I did. I've taken fashion sessions from Anna Wintour, photography sessions from Tyler Mitchell, and I can't wait to dive into this flower arranging session with Maurice! It makes an excellent gift for someone looking for a little continued education. For more information, visit

3. A Subscription

There's a subscription for literally everything: candles, hair products, clothing, wine, workout clothes, and one for your pets. Subscription gifts work because 1.) there's something for every budget, 2.) they show how much you know about someone and their interests, and 3.) it's literally the gift that keeps on giving. If the girl on your list is anything like me, then I know she'd love a floral subscription from Urbanstems, Flowerbx, or Bouqs. Maybe she's more of a plant queen with a green thumb?! The Sill has a subscription for plant lovers. If you're looking for something a little more festive, the champagne subscription from The Sip Society is a great idea, as is a subscription to her favorite print magazine.

4. Dinner For Two

Dinner is my FAVORITE quality time activity. Yes, we could go out to eat, but you know what's even better? A night in cooking dinner together! Make memories over a hot stove. Start by gifting a cookbook. Something tangible is always nice. In the cookbook, include a note inviting the recipient over for a future wine and dine night. Pick a recipe from the cookbook prepare, you supply the groceries, and the two of you can spend the evening preparing the meal. It's a gift that takes a little more thought and planning, but the effort is worth it!

PS, honey: This doesn't have to be a romantic or couples-only gift. I love cooking dinner with my bestie. She ususally does the cooking while I supervise, sip the wine, and provide the entertainment (aka the gossip and the laughs!). It's an excellent opportunity to play catch up and we both appreciate the time spent together.

5. A Personalized Gift Voucher

The gift voucher is personally one of my favorite gifts to give AND receive. Much like a gift certificate, the gift voucher allows you to plan quality time and an adventure for a later date. The gift can literally be ANYTHING you want!! A picnic, a day trip to a vineyard, an afternoon of mani + pedi's and mimosas, or a day at the spa. You can make your own voucher using a graphic design program or purchase a template from Etsy and personalize it yourself.

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