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A Table for One and the Elegance of Dining Alone

I live alone, so when it comes to dinner, I'm often tempted to make a plate and eat on the couch while I watch TV. If I had a guest over, I'd set the table — a tablecloth, linen napkins, glassware, and candlelight. Dining solo should be no different. Luxury is a mood and setting a lovely dinner table, even if you're dining alone, is a mood. Here are my tips:

  1. Cover the table with a tablecloth and use the linen napkins.

  2. Set the table: a glass plate, flatware, and a fancy glass. Even if you are drinking ice water, pour it into a lovely glass.

  3. Make it sexy. Light a single candle or drop a single flower into a vase.

Life is about the moments, not the money. Treating yourself to a lovely dining experience, even if you're only eating your favorite Doordash order, will help break up the day and add some self-care and a little luxury to your evening.


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