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Breaking Down The Creative Process

Have you ever wonder what it takes to create those beautiful billboards you see when driving down the street? The final product always looks gorgeous, but there were many steps to get from point A to B. Below is a quick breakdown of the creative process:

  1. CONCEPT - In the beginning, a client says, "We need imagery for our upcoming campaign." To market a new product or season, a brand will need to create new imagery to share with the public.

  2. MOOD BOARDS - The creative director usually puts together mood boards to indicate a vibe or feel for the campaign. These boards will also be shared with the creative team as a sort of roadmap for the campaign.

  3. BUILD THE TEAM - Now it's time to assemble the perfect team to execute the vision. Depending on the project, team members will include a photographer/ videographer, hair + makeup artist, a wardrobe style, prop stylist, production assistants, and others.

  4. PRODUCTION DAY DETAILS - At this point, you'll want to secure the production day details i.e.: the location, any insurance that's needed, lunch + snacks,

  5. SHOOT DAT - This is my favorite step in the process. I love being on set. The energy is electric. Everyone is there with the common goal of producing excellent content. It's a long day, but shoot days inspire and energize me!

  6. POST -PRODUCTION - After you've recovered from the shoot, post-production days are spent wrapping up the shoot. If you're the photographer, you're editing. If you're the wardrobe or prop stylist, then you're more than likely doing returns and trying to square away your budget.

  7. RELEASE OF WORK - After all your hard work, there's nothing like walking into a store and seeing the imagery you helped created hanging on display or hanging on a billboard. I'll never forget when I walked into a Target and saw the images from a project I assisted on in the store. I squealed with excitement!!!

photos via @misskristagram

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