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DIY Bar Cart + Styling Tips

A bar cart is an essential element for any Miss Kris home interior design. A cart is chic and perfect when entertaining. I love a vintage bar cart, but a fun do-it-yourself is always project is always a great option. Once upon a time my friend Kelly Golightly and I turned a baby changing table into a bar cart. You can watch that transformation here. My current place doesn't have that much space so my bar cart option needed to be smaller to fit the space.

I discovered the MARYD folding table at IKEA (available here) and immediately knew it would make the perfect cart for my space.

The one thing that I really love about the MARYD is that the top part of the table is actually a removable tray. This feature is perfect for entertaining when I might need to relocate the bar to the credenza for more space.

To start my bar cart transformation, I first painted it. I didn't bother with stripping the original paint or sanding before I painted it... although you absolutely can and probably should but I just dove right in.

The color you choose is completely up to you. I went with the Krylon ColorMaxx paint in a high gloss black.

Once my table and tray were dry, I lined the top of the tray with square mirror tiles. This was the same process I did for the cart Kelly and I made a few years ago. It really adds an element of glam to the cart.

However, another option that I toyed around with was lining it with a patterned wall paper or printed fabric that I liked. If that sounds like an option you'd be into, just be sure to cover it with a piece of glass to protect the wallpaper or fabric. You can get a piece of custom cut glass at most local hardware stores.

STYLING TIPS: Like I mentioned, I believe a bar cart is another furniture piece in your home and should defiantly reflect the aesthetic and vibe of the room. The cart should also be functional. Along with my bottles of booze my other main styling pieces are: vintage glassware, an ice bucket, and greenery or florals. I like to keep my carts clean and simple. I don't drink mix drinks, but if you do consider adding mixology set with a shaker and tools.

Also, remember a bar cart doesn't just have to be for alcohol. It makes the perfect coffee station or place this DIY in a bedroom for the perfect makeup and perfume vanity.

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