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DIY Champagne Bottle Candlestick Holder

Here are two things I love... 1.) an interesting decor piece that's a conversation starter and 2.) the sight of dripping hot wax. Yes it's messy, but it's the drama for me. Giving your glass bottles a second life as a candlestick holder is the ultimate in recycled luxury drama. I love dining by candlelight. Italian restaurants have long recycled wine bottles and used them to hold their candles. I do the same at my house! Instead of throwing out an expensive bottle of champagne, I repurpose it into a fabulous candlestick holder. It's simple and here's now:

First, chill and drink your favorite bottle of champagne. This is a very important step. You must drink every drop! Once the bottle is empty, rinse the bottle so that it's clean.

I love the look (and taste) of a Moët Rosé. Available here .

Once your champagne bottle is rinsed and dry, add your candle. When you're ready to set the mood, light your candle and enjoy. Pro tip: if you melt the candle at the bottom it will fit more securely to the bottle once the wax dries.

Other safety notes: obviously, don't leave the candle unattended and keep it clear of anything flammable.

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