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DIY: Statement Earrings

For me, no outfit is complete without a statement earring. I like my accessories big and gaudy. Real show-stoppers. When I stumble upon fabulous buttons, appliques, or even pieces of broken brooches or necklaces, I love to see if I can transform them into earrings. It's a really simple 3-step, DIY process and all the details are below.


- A Fancy Button

- Earring Posts

- Strong Hold Glue (I use E6000)

- Wire Cutters


Step 1 - Use a pair of wire cutters to remove the shank off the back of the buttons.

Step 2 - Apply a healthy amount of glue to the back of the earring post.

Step 3 - Place the earring post to the back of the button and let it dry completely.

I love making these statement earrings because I love being creative and pushing my brain to think outside the box and find ways to use button and other trimmings in such a unique way.

I also know that no matter where I go the chances of another girl showing up in the same pair of earrings is slim. Why? Because I made mine!

Just a few of the statement earrings I've made over the years. I love growing my collection.

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