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New Year's Eve: Go Big at Home

I started celebrating New Year's Eve at home years ago. For me, there was just too much pressure put on having an epic NYE and after an Uber tried to charge me $150 to go two miles, I was done! Since then, I've celebrated at home and having the best time. Yummy snacks, good entertainment, and decor.


1. Make it festive! I pulled decor inspo from the NYE heist scene in the original Ocean's 11 (here) for my at-home NYE celebration. Balloons everywhere. Purchase an at-home helium tank and balloons in your favorite color scheme. Use the tank to blow up enough balloons to cover the ceiling. PRO TIP: make the string on the balloons EXTRA long to hang from the ceiling to the floor. The long fringe brings the extra drama and festive vibe!

2. Don't forget to blow up enough balloons to cover the floor (no helium needed this time). As I said, balloons everywhere!

3. ADDITIONAL DECOR IDEAS: A "Happy New Year" Sign, Fancy HNY Hats, Noise Makers, and Confetti. Nothing too major, just a few key pieces to set the mood.

4. Don't be afraid to go big, even though you're at home. Bring out your thrifted glassware. Have Alexa play your favorite jams and dance. Be decadent. Be over the top. NYE is a night of celebration, so celebrate.

5. STOCK UP! Whether it's just you + one or a few friends, load up on all your favorite food and beverages. Along with yummy treats, I place a delivery from my favorite restaurant. And of course, there's champagne. Lots and lots of champagne. Click here for ways to dress up your cocktails with a festive garnish.

6. On NYE, I pull out the vintage and thrifted hostess essentials. ON THE LIST: an ice bucket, champagne coupes, serving platters + plates.

7. Dress the part. Just cause you're at home doesn't mean you have to be in your sweats. Dig deep in that closet and pull out a cute dress. I throw on a fancy pair of slippers and I'm ready to party!

Wish you all a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

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I love when you guys take my party ideas and bring them to life. Thanks for sharing with me!


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