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Looking for Creative Inspiration?

I woke up one day and recognized that I was stuck and creatively uninspired. They call this a "creative rut". By definition a creative rut is simply a temporary inability to properly express things creativity. Moments like these can be rough. Mine are often accompanied with crippling anxiety. Thankfully, these periods of time don't last forever. Below are a few tips to help you overcome your creative rut.


UNPLUG. The fastest way to cure the overwhelming rush of anxiety that may accompany a lapse in creative inspiration is to shut it off at the source. Often when I find myself in a creative funk, it's because I've spent too much time online looking at the working my peers are producing. As they say, "comparison is the thief of joy." It can also stifle your ability to think creatively and freely. We must remember that we're all running our own race. If hours of endless scrolling on social media is leaving you feeling overwhelmed, unplug. Step away from the platforms and fill that space with moments and activities that inspire.


IT'S A CLASSIC. The first place I usually turn when I need to find a little inspiration is Turner Classic Movies. Yep, TCM! The aesthetic of Old Hollywood personally inspires me. The wardrobe, the decor, it's all pretty glamorous to me. Classic movie stations are usually my first stop. I love stumbling upon a "new to me" old movie! Being transported to a different era is usually a good palette cleanser and gets my creative juices flowing! My recommendations? Try: Stormy Weather, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, or Rear Window.


PRINT PLEASE. We love our Pinterest boards and our organized saved folders on Instagram, but sometimes it's nice to flip through a few printed pages and get a little ink on our fingers. I live for an IRL inspo board. The act of waking up early, grabbing a hot latte, and making a trip to my local newsstand to pick up a few magazines is very therapeutic for me. Also, I don't just stop at magazines. Coffee table books, biographies on creatives, and other fashion-related books also help to inspire and dig me out of a creative rut.


MAKE IT PERSONAL. We often get so caught up in the rat race of creating for clients that we might lose track of making the things that inspire us most. Set aside time to work on a project that is personally inspiring to you. Maybe it's a photo series on the women in your life. Perhaps it's a collection of short essays or poems. Whatever your medium, dedicate the time to work on a personal project can reignite your creativity and excitement.


COLLABORATE. Sometimes, we get stuck working in a silo. The best way to reignite your passions is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and work that creative muscle. If you're a photographer, call your makeup artist friend and arrange a shoot. If you're a stylist, maybe you have a videographer friend that's down to capture some looks you put together on film. Even calling a fellow creative and scheduling a coffee break to discuss your personal projects can inspire your creativity. Don't go at it alone.

We're a community and are here to support one another!

photos via @misskristagram

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