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5 Tips To Keeping The Holiday Celebrations Going Even In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic

Well what can I say? Nothing about 2020 has been we expected or put on our vision boards. The hit keep on coming as we roll into the Holiday season just as the virus spikes across the country. Officials have issues guidelines suggesting we keep gatherings to a minimum and not travel this year to visit with family and friends. I know! It all sounds awful and so disappointing. However, we have to do our best to keep everyone safe.

Even though the Holiday season won't be the same this year I promise it can still be fun and full of memories. I've lived miles away from my family since I graduated college and have have years of experience celebrating special moments and Holidays while separated from them. Below are a few of my tips.

  1. Resign to the fact that this Holiday season will not be normal. Change is hard. I've never been a fan of it. However, the moment you come to terms with the idea that things will be different this time around, it frees up your heart and brain to accept the change and find the joy in these new moments.

2. Organize your "quaranteam" and agree to the rules. Officials are suggesting we don't travel and keep your gatherings to immediate family or very small groups. I normally fly home to Texas at least once a year (during Christmas) but this year I won't be. Many of my friends in LA won't be flying to their perspective hometowns. While we're all pretty bummed about it, at least we'll be together. Organize "quaranteam" now. Make sure they're folks who are on the same page as you and folks you'll be excited to make memories with as we all ride our this less than ordinary Holiday season.

3. Ship in your favorites. I look forward to going home because there are a few of my favorite foods that I can only get in Texas (...and yes, family! lol). I literally have a list of favorites and lucky for me many of them SHIP around the country! I've already phoned in my Thanksgiving main dish from Herbert's Meats and placed an order for some Blue Bell Ice Cream. I highly recommend you placing an order for a few of your favorites too. Even if you can't be home that doesn't mean you can't bring a little home to your doorstep!

4. Make new memories. Try new recipes. Make gingerbread houses. Start a new Holiday tradition. I have a list of Holiday things I've always wanted to do here in LA but since I'm normally traveling and the Holidays seem to get away from me, I never do. I'm excited to slow it down this year and put a little more efforts into trying something new!

5. Keep it simple. At the end of the day as long as we're healthy and have a roof over our heads, what more could we ask for. Keep in mind these changes are only temporary. Twenty-twenty has been a hell of a year for many. I'm simply thankful to have survived it. A heart full of gratitude (and perhaps a champagne glass full of bubbles) is really the only celebration I need.

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