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Tips For Hosting A Fabulous Brunch

Brunch Season is here! Nothing makes me happier than enjoying a lazy weekend at home, chatting with friends, and sipping Bellinis. I love hosting brunch. Below are a few of my tips:

No. 1:


First things first, don't let the thought of hosting a brunch for your family or friends overwhelm you. The most memorable part of your brunch will be the quality time you and your guest spend chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. The fabulous table setting, food, and drinks are just bonuses. Keep it simple and DON'T stress. Perfection is not the key. Good times shared with good people are!

No. 2:


If you're an ardent follower of Miss Kris, hopefully, you've been inspired to start your collection of thrifted plates, glassware, serving dishes/ bowls, and other tabletop accessories. Now is their moment to shine! Pull them out and give them a good rinse. Set your table using the items you have. Don't be afraid to mix and match if you don't have enough of something (i.e., plates, cups). Imperfect table settings are how you bring fashion and style to your table. My tip for mixing and matching plates is to stick to one primary color that ties them all together.

The final touch to the perfect tablescape is to decorate with fresh flowers. I'm not a professional florist, so I like to keep this part easy. Add a fresh bouquet to your grocery shopping list. I recommend steering clear of the multi-flower "Spring" bouquets and keeping your tablescape chic by sticking to a bouquet featuring one flower type. Roses. Lillies. Daisies. Also, purchase a secondary flower that complements the color of your featured flower and use greenery from your yard as a bouquet filler.

No. 3:


I'm no chef, so folks aren't coming to my brunch for the delicious food. LOL Thankfully, you can't really mess up breakfast. I can make some pancakes, eggs, and bacon happen! However, years ago, I invested in a waffle maker. I leave the pre-mixed batter near the maker and the DIY waffle bar is always a big hit with my brunch guests. My house is very much a "help yourself" vibe, especially for brunches! I want my guest to feel comfortable moving freely around my home. The DIY waffle also frees me to spend more time chatting with my guest. Don't be afraid to have your guest get involved in the food prep or even heat up some pre-prepared meals. Trader Joe's has a delicious frozen quiche and frozen blueberry biscuits that are always a hit. All you have to do it heat them up!

SAMPLE SIMPLE BRUNCH MENU: Pancakes or Waffles, Eggs (a prepackage quiche from the market is a great idea), A Meat (Bacon or Sausage), Fruit (Grapes, Oranges, Blueberries, or Strawberries)

No. 4:


The key to any successful brunch is to make sure the drinks are flowing! Mimosas, Bellinis, and Bloody Marys. The night before I host a brunch, I freeze juice (orange, grapefruit, peach) in my square ice trays. When my guest arrives, I add the cubes to a glass and pour in prosecco to create a colorful cocktail. Sparkling water is an excellent alternative for those who don't drink alcohol.


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